Who is Shannon Sharpe Wife? Past Relationships, Children

Shannon Sharpe is a former American football tight end. He began his football career in 1990 and ended it in 2003.

shannon sharpe on his office wear
As of 2023, Shannon Sharpe’s net worth is $14 million
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The 13 years of his football career brought him the fortune and wealth, which many people wish for. Also, his talent and skill have played a great role in making his career a success.

In this article, the readers will learn more about Shannon’s current relationship status and also a few of his previous ex-girlfriends. So let’s go through the article.

Who is Shannon Sharpe wife?

The professional former American football player, Shannon Sharpe has never been married. So there is no question regarding him having a wife.

Though he has been in many relationships, none has converted into a wedding. At the moment, Sharpe isn’t even dating anyone. All he is seen with spending quality time with his daughters.

Shannon Sharpe’s Past Relationships

The professional American football tight end, Shannon Sharpe has been into multiple relationships previously. However, only three of his relationship has been public.

Shannon Sharpe’s Relationship With Erika Evans

The first relationship of Shannon Sharpe was public was with Erika Evans. Evans is believed to be his first girlfriend. Yet there are tons of rumors of him having affairs with other women before Evans.

The couple was together for some time. According to some reports, Shannon dated Erika more than any other of his ex-girlfriends.

shannon sharpe is watching wrestling with his daughter
Shannon is having quality time with his daughter
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While dating Erika, Sharpe was playing for one of the NFL teams, Denver Broncos. He was drafted by the team in 1990 and after two years playing for them, he began dating Evans.

After their relationship, Shannon was blessed with a baby boy, Kiari Sharpe, with Erika Evans. But right after Kiari was born, the relationship between, Shannon and Erika began to worsen.

The couple then got separated after some time their son’s birth, but the reason behind their separation wasn’t clear.

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However, sometime after their separation, Erika Evans filed a lawsuit against Shannon. It was done because, according to Erika, Shannon forced her to leave his house. Since then there has been no news regarding her.

Shannon Sharpe Relationship with Michelle Bundy

Shannon Sharpe was believed to be in a relationship with Michelle Bundy in 2010. However, there was no confirmation from Sharpe.

It was later found that Michelle Bundy did all this to gain public attention and gain something more out of this.

Later, Shannon was charged with sexual assault by Michelle. But since Shannon has never met her, the court result was in the favor of Shannon, and Michelle was found guilty for the made-up story.

Shannon Sharpe Relationship with Nicole Murphy

Nicole Murphy, the ex-wife of Eddie Murphy is also on the list of Shannon Sharpe’s ex-girlfriend.

The couple Shannon and Nicole weren’t seen dating each other instantly but Shannon made tweets regarding her on his Twitter. Slowly, rumors about Shannon and Nicole were spread.

In 2017, the couple were seen together many times. But it was never confirmed if they were actually dating. After some time of seeing each other, Shannon and Nicole weren’t seen again together.

Shannon Sharpe Has Been Blessed With Three Children

Shannon Sharpe is blessed with three children, two daughters Kayla and Kaley Sharpe, and a son Kiari Sharpe, from his past relationship with different women.

The professional American football player, Sharpe is keeping information regarding the mother of his two daughters private.

Likewise, it is known that Kiari Sharpe is the son of Shannon and Erika Evans. But also not much is known about them at the moment.


Is Shannon Sharpe married?

Shannon Sharpe has not been married yet. However, he has been blessed with three children from his previous girlfriends.

Does Shannon Sharpe have children?

Shannon Sharpe has three children, two daughters Kayla and Kaley Sharpe, and a son Kiari Sharpe, from his different ex-girlfriends.

Is Shannon Sharpe a millionaire?

According to the report of Celebrity Net Worth, Shannon Sharpe net worth is $14 million.

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