Who Is Shaquielle Mckissic Wife, Beril McKissic?

If you are a fan of a game called basketball then you must have heard of the name Shaquielle McKissic. Fans worldwide have shown a keen interest in Shaquielle McKissic wife, Beril McKissic.

Meanwhile, many football fans get confused about Shaquielle McKissic with Shaquille O’Neal.

Since both of them share the same first time and both of them is a professional basketball player.

However, Shaquielle McKissic is a professional basketball player who plays in the Greek Basket League rather than NBA.

McKissic is the small forward for the team called Olympiacos. He joined the team recently in 2020 from Besiktas, a Turkish basketball team.

shaquielle mckissic and beril mckissic celebrating birthday
Beril McKissic celebrating her husband Shaquielle McKissic birthday
Image Source: Instagram

Furthermore, Shaquielle McKissic started his professional basketball career in the year of 2009 when he played for Edmonds Community College.

After that, Shaquielle joined the Arizona State Sun Devils which changed everything for him.

He even got the chance for the selection for the NBA draft but was undrafted. However, that did not stop McKissic from pursuing a career in basketball.

Eventually, Shaquielle McKissic joined the Italian league and has been playing basketball all over Europe.

Likewise, in the following article, we will discuss Shaquielle McKissic wife rather than the player himself.

Other than that, we will also cover the romantic relationship between the two of them.

Who is Shaquielle McKissic Wife?

Shaquielle McKissic wife name is Beril McKissic. She is famous for being the celebrity spouse and WAG of the professional basketball player Shaquielle McKissic.

Furthermore, Beril McKissic is also a professional streamer and vlogger. She streams regularly on the Twitch platform and uploads regular highlights of the game.

How did Shaquielle McKissic and Beril McKissic meet?

Shaquielle McKissic and Beril McKissic are the hottest couples in the world. The two of them are the most successful and independent couple out there.

One is a professional basketball player whereas the other one is a Twitch streamer and vlogger.

However, there is no detail regarding Shaquielle McKissic and Beril McKissic.

Shaquielle McKissic and Beril McKissic Marriage

Shaquielle McKissic and Beril McKissic have been in a relationship for a very long time.

The family man, Shaquielle McKissic, married Beril McKissic in May 2019, just four years before.

shaquielle mckissic and beril mckissic celebrating their special day
Shaquielle McKissic and Beril McKessic celebrating their second pregnancy
Image Source: Instagram

Recently, the pair even celebrated their marriage anniversary. Currently, the couple is living together in Greece as Shaquielle McKissic plays basketball for the Greece team.

Beril McKissic Kids

Beril McKissic has two beautiful sons with basketball player Shaquielle McKissic.

However, they have kept the detail about their children secretive. Although, the pair keeps uploading the family photos on social media.

Beril McKissic Bio

Beril McKissic was born on 18 April. However, the exact birthdate of Beril McKissic is under review.

She is a very private person who has shared very little detail about herself.

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However, one thing we say for sure is that, Beril is fond of inking her body.

She has tattoos all around her body from the top of her neck to the tip of her toes.

Boyfriend Shaquielle McKissic

Shaquielle McKissic is a professional basketball player who plays for the Greece team Olympiacos.

Furthermore, Shaquielle McKissic was born on 17 August 1990 in Seattle, Washington, US.

shaquielle mckissic net worth
Shaquielle McKissic net worth is $5 million as of 2023
Image Source: Instagram

As of 2023, Shaquielle age is 32 years old. Furthermore, he has a height of 6 feet 5 inches and weighs around 96 kg.

Moreover, Shaquielle McKissic is ranked among the richest basketball player in the world. He has earned a fortune of money from playing all around Europe.

As of 2023, Shaquielle McKissic net worth is $5 million. Most of his earnings come through salary and brand deals.


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FAQs About Beril McKissic

Who is Shaquielle McKissic wife?

Shaquielle McKissic wife is Beril McKissic.

What does Shaquielle McKissic wife do?

Shaquielle McKissic wife is a Twitch streamer and vlogger.

What is  Shaquielle McKissic net worth?

Shaquielle McKissie net worth is $5 million as of 2023.

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