Stuart Skinner Family: Parents, Brothers, Sisters, Wife, Children

Stuart Skinner family consists of eleven members in Canada. Skinner’s family includes his father, mother, three brothers, five sisters, wife, and his adorable newly born baby.

stuart skinner baby birth date
Beau Stuart was born on January 14, 2023
Image Source: Instagram Fan Page

Likewise, Stuart Skinner is a Canadian professional ice hockey goaltender. In recent times, Skinner has been playing for the Edmonton Oilers of the NHL.

In the 2017 NHL Draft, Stuart Skinner was selected by the Edmonton Oilers in the 78th overall of the third round. He has spanned his career for five years in the field of ice hockey.

Previously, the NHL player has played major junior hockey with Swift Current Broncos and Lethbridge Hurricanes.

Stuart Skinner is regarded as one of the three final skaters of the Pacific Division on January 19, 2023. In the following article, we’ll be focusing on Stuart Skinner family biography, career, and newly born baby in detail.

Stuart Skinner Parents

The professional Canadian NHL player, Stuart Skinner parents are Sam Skinner (father) and Sue Skinner (mother). His father was very close to his children.

However, his mother hasn’t shared much about her personal life. Mrs. Sue has always managed to keep herself far away from the spotlight of media attention.

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Being a parent, they have always supported and loved their children. Both of them have cared for and prioritized their children’s interests.

Sam and Sue have encouraged, motivated, and inspired their children to achieve their goals. Stuart’s father, Sam Skinner is a Canadian ice hockey enthusiast.

Furthermore, Sam has completed his graduation study from Riverside High School. Sam and Sue became the parents of nine children.

They all were born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Stuart was the youngest child in the Skinner family born on November 1, 1998. 

Stuart Skinner Siblings

The handsome player, Stuart Skinner has grown up with his eight siblings. Stuart is known to be the youngest of nine siblings.

stuart skinner age
Stuart Skinner is 24 years old
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Skinner’s mother, Sue Skinner gave birth to four sons and five daughters. All of their children’s names begin with the letter “S”.

His siblings’ names are Stephen, Sheldon, Scott, Sarah, Sandra, Sharon, Shannon, and Samantha. Moreover, all of their kids have grown up by playing skating. Later on, they pursued their career as a hockey player.

In addition, Stuart’s two of his brother, Sheldon, and Scott works as assistant coach over his spring hockey training.

Is Stuart Skinner Related to Jeff Skinner?

The professional NHL player, Stuart Skinner, and Jeff Skinner are not related to each other. Likewise, Jeff Skinner is also a Canadian professional ice hockey left winger.

Currently, he plays for the Buffalo Sabres of the NHL. On the other hand, Stuart is a professional NHL player for the Edmonton Oilers.

However, both of them have similar professional careers. Even though Jeff Skinner and Stuart Skinner do not have any familial relationship with one another. Although their surname is only the same that they can relate to each other. 

Who Is Stuart Skinner Wife?

Stuart Skinner wife is Chloe Skinner. Stuart met his love, Chloe after a World Hockey League (WHL) game. Over that period of time, Mr.Stuart was playing in Lethbridge.

However, the diva, Chloe has managed to keep her personal life as well as professional life far away from social media. She has kept a low-profile key in front of the media.

stuart skinner married his girlfriend chloe skinner
Stuart Skinner and Chloe Skinner married in June 2020
Image Source: Instagram Fan Page

Being the wife of a famous hockey player, Chloe is a very mysterious lady. Stuart Skinner wife age is also not known. Assuming, her looks, we can say that Stuart Skinner wife, Chloe age might be in her early 20s.

Eventually, after their first meeting, the duo began dating each other. While a young ice hockey player, Stuart was selected for the NHL. His beloved wife along with his family was standing beside him in every phase of his life.

Finally, Stuart and Chloe exchanged their wedding vows in June 2020. Since then, the couple are living a happily married life together. They have been together for nearly three years.

Stuart Skinner Baby

On January 14, 2023, Beau Stuart was born in Canada. The beautiful couple, Stuart and Chloe has announced and expressed the happiness of the birth of their first son via social media account.

Stuart Skinner family welcomed the newly born baby into this beautiful world. Before the birth of Beau, the couple announced their pregnancy on Instagram in July 2022.

Additionally, Stuart Skinner and Chloe Skinner are expecting their first child. At the time of birth, Stuart Skinner baby, Beau weighs around seven pounds and four ounces.

Stuart Skinner wife, Chloe Skinner gave birth to her first son, Beau at 10.52 a.m. on Sunday. He was a healthy child by birth. Chloe and Stuart are the proud parents of their child, Beau Stuart.

FAQ About Stuart Skinner Family

How many kids does Stuart Skinner have?

The Canadian player, Stuart Skinner is blessed to be the proud father of a single child. His child’s name is Beau Stuart.

How many siblings does Stuart Skinner have?

The Canadian NHL player, Stuart Skinner is among the nine siblings. His siblings’ names are Stephen, Sheldon, Scott, Sarah, Sandra, Sharon, Shannon, and Samantha.

How tall is Stuart Skinner?

As of now, Stuart Skinner height is 6 feet 4 inches or 1.93 m.

Who are the parents of Stuart Skinner?

Sam Skinner and Sue Skinner are the parents of Stuart Skinner.

When was Stuart Skinner baby born?

The professional ice hockey player, Stuart Skinner Baby, Beau Stuart was born on 14th January 2023. As of now, Beau’s age is three months old.

How old is Stuart Skinner?

The NHL player, Stuart was born on November 1, 1998. As of 2023, Stuart Skinner age is 24 years old.

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