Tiger Woods Siblings: Earl Woods Jr., Kevin Dale Woods, and Royce Renee Woods

Tiger Woods siblings are Earl Woods Jr., Kevin Dale Woods, and Royce Renee Woods. All three siblings of Tiger Woods are from his father’s first wife, Barbara Gary. 

tiger woods niece cheyenne woods
Cheyenne Woods is a professional golfer
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Earl Woods Sr. (his father) and Barbara Gary walked down the aisle in the year 1954. However, their relationship didn’t work well and they split their wedding in the year 1968.

Thereafter, Tiger Woods father, Earl Sr. married Kultida Punsawad in the year 1969. Both of them were the parents of a single child, Tiger Woods. His full name is Eldrick Tont Woods.

Moreover, Eldrick Tont Woods is popularly known as Tiger Woods. Woods is an American professional golfer. He won his first PGA Tour and ranked second in men’s major championships, and holds numerous golf records in his career.

At present, Tiger Woods is an inductee of the World Golf Hall of Fame. He is recognized as one of the greatest golfers of all time.

Today, in this blog post, we are here to talk about Tiger Woods Siblings bio, career, age, and many more in detail.

Tiger Woods Siblings 

Tiger Woods Half-brother Earl Woods Jr.

Earl Woods Jr. is the elder brother of Tiger Woods. Earl Woods Jr. was born to Earl Woods Sr. and Barbara Gary. He is renowned as the half-brother of Tiger Woods.

earl woods jr. with his father
Earl Woods Jr. with his father Earl Woods Sr. together in a picture
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Moreover, Earl Woods Jr. was born in 1955. Presently, Earl Woods Jr. age is 67 years old. He is 20 years older than Eldrick Tont Woods.

Additionally, the family man, Earl Woods Jr. married Susan Woods in Phoenix, Arizona. The couple share a pretty daughter together. His daughter’s name is Cheyenne Woods. 

She is popularly known as Tiger Woods niece. Cheyenne is a professional golfer. Tiger Woods niece, Cheyenne’s coach is her grandfather, Earl Woods.

His niece is the winner of the 2011 ACC women’s golf championship. At the age of 21 years, Cheyenne Woods made her professional debut at the 2012 LPGA Championship.

Tiger Woods Half-brother Kevin Dale Woods

Tiger Woods half-brother is Kevin Dale Woods. He is known to be the middle child in the Woods family. Kevin Dale was born in the year 1957.

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As of now, Kevin Dale Woods age is 66 years old. Furthermore, Kevin is 18 years older than Tiger Woods. His half-brother, Kevin Dale has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis disease.

Since 2009, he has been suffering from the disease and now Kevin is confined to a wheelchair.

Tiger Woods Half-sister Royce Renee Woods

Royce Renee Woods is the half-sister of Tiger Woods. Royce was born in the year 1961. Currently, Royce Renee Woods age is 62 years old. She is 15 years older than Tiger Woods.

The adorable and talented lady, Royce is a college basketball player and coach by profession. There is not much information available on the internet regarding her personal life.

tiger woods age
Tiger Woods is 47 years old
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According to some sources, it has been revealed that Tiger Woods has bought a house for her half-sister, Royecee Renee Woods in San Jose, California.

While she was pursuing her degree at Stanford College, her brother, Woods used to visit her. Both of them used to spend quality time together.

Tiger Woods Relationship With His Siblings

Speaking about his relationship with his siblings, all four of them have a strong and inseparable bond together. In addition, Tiger Woods was very close to his half-sister, Royce.

Although they were half-siblings, their brother and sister were unbreakable. Earl Jr, Kevin Dale, Royce, and Tiger Woods was also close to his father. Their father, Earl Woods Sr. passed away in May 2006. 

At the age of 74, a Vietnam Veteran, Earl Woods was suffering from prostate cancer. It was diagnosed in the year 2004.

FAQ About Tiger Woods Siblings

How many siblings does Tiger Woods have?

Tiger Woods has three siblings. Namely, Earl Woods Jr., Kevin Dale Woods, and Royce Renee Woods.

Who is Tiger Woods mom?

Kultida Punsawad is the mother of Tiger Woods.

Who is Tiger Woods wife?

The professional golfer, Tiger Woods has married twice in his life. His wife is Elin Nordegren (2004-2010) and Erica Herman. 

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