Tommy Fleetwood Parents: Pete Fleetwood

Tommy Fleetwood parents name is Pete Fleetwood. The golf player, Tommy hasn’t disclosed his mother’s name in the media yet.

tommy fleetwood age
Tommy Fleetwood is 32 years old
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Tommy’s father, Pete, and his mother were happily married for 42 years. On the other hand, Fleetwood is popularly known as the six times winner on the European Tour.

Moreover, the handsome man, Tommy is an English professional golfer. Recently, he plays for the European Tour and PGA Tour. His former Tour is Challenge Tour.

The 32-year-old man has turned professional since 2010. He has credited his name with nine professional wins in his career. Also, considered the number one player on the Scratch World Amateur Rankings.

Tommy also ranked number 3 in The R&A’s World Amateur Golf Ranking. In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into Tommy Fleetwood parents bio in detail.

Tommy Fleetwood Parents

Tommy Fleetwood Father Pete Fleetwood

Pete Fleetwood is the father of Tommy Fleetwood. The professional golfer, Tommy credits his success to his parents. He began learning and playing golf with his father.

tommy fleetwood with his family
Tommy Fleetwood and his wife Claire Craig and children having food together
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During the early stage of childhood, Pete and Tommy used to go together to sneak their way into the Royal Birkdale course. He learned and developed the skills of playing from his father, Pete.

However, Tommy’s father, Pete hasn’t opened up much about his age, height, career, and net worth publicly. His parents are from Southport, Merseyside, England.

Tommy Fleetwood Relationship with His Parents

Speaking about the relationship between Tommy Fleetwood and his parents is strong. They all have a positive relationship with each other.

His mother was suffering from Cancer for the last few years. She has been in and out of the hospital. In addition, as a partner, Pete was always there to support and care for her in every path of life.

tommy fleetwood with his father pete fleetwood
Tommy Fleetwood and his father Pete Fleetwood together in a picture
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Even though battling Cancer his mother used to always text him every day. Because of his hectic schedule, Tommy used to come home often.

After 1.5 years, when he returned home and visited his mother. He said that “My mum looks so good today”. The next morning she passed away. In July, at the age of 60, she died.

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Additionally, after the demise of the mother, Pete used to take care of their sons. Tommy was grown up with one of his siblings named Joe Fleetwood. Joe is a Player-Manager at Hambric Sports Group.

FAQ About Tommy Fleetwood Parents

Who is Tommy Fleetwood’s father?

Pete Fleetwood is the father of Tommy Fleetwood.

Does Tommy Fleetwood have any children?

Tommy Fleetwood and Claire Craig share one child together. Their child’s name is Franklin Fleetwood.

How much is Tommy Fleetwood worth?

According to Sportskeeda, Tommy Fleetwood net worth is $15 million, as of 2023.

Who is Tommy Fleetwood’s wife?

The English professional golfer, Tommy Fleetwood’s wife is Claire Craig.

What happened to Tommy Fleetwood’s mother?

Tommy Fleetwood mother had cancer for two years.

How old is Tommy Fleetwood mother?

The English golfer, Tommy Fleetwood mother died at the age of sixty years in the month of July.

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