Who is Jimmy Butler’s Real Father? Is He Related To Michael Jordan?

As a sports news reporter, it is important to dig deep into the background of athletes to uncover their stories. In the case of Jimmy Butler, the Miami Heat basketball star, his family history is a topic of interest for many fans.

Who is Jimmy Butler’s Real Father?

Jimmy Butler‘s real parents are, Jimmy Butler II and Londa Butler. They are no longer together. Also, there is no known reports about the current status of their relationship. Butler has claimed that he still keeps in touch with them, despite his father leaving him and his mother at an early age.

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Jimmy Butler is currently 33 years old.
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At the age of 13, Butler’s mom kicked him out of the house. After that, he stayed at his friend’s homes, before finally ending up with Leslie.

It was in high school that Butler met Jordan Leslie, a future NFL player, and the two formed a strong bond. Butler started staying over at Leslie’s place, which provided him with a stable home environment.

Despite his father leaving him and his mother at an early age. Butler still maintains a relationship with both of them.

He said “I don’t hold grudges. I still talk to my family. My mom. My father. We love each other. That’s never going to change.”

His close bond with Jordan Leslie provided him with a stable home during his high school years.

There have been rumors circulating that Michael Jordan, the famous retired basketball player, is related to Butler. However, these rumors are false.

Is Jimmy Butler Related to Michael Jordan?

There has been speculation about the relationship between Jimmy Butler and Michael Jordan, two of the most notable basketball players of their respective generations. However, it is important to clarify that there is no familial relation between the two.

While some have suggested that Butler may be Jordan’s illegitimate child due to their resemblance, but this is rumor. Butler’s real father is Jimmy Butler II, and his mother is Londa Butler. Jordan, on the other hand, has five children with his ex-wife, Juanita Vanoy and his current wife Yvette Prieto.

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He has three elder children from his previous marriage to Juanita Vanoy: Jeffrey, 34, Marcus, 32, and Jasmine, 30, who are all active in the business side of basketball. In 2014, he and his current wife Yvette Prieto welcomed twin daughters Victoria and Ysabel, all nine years old.

Jimmy Butler is not related to Michael Jordan. While the two share a resemblance, but there is no familial connection between him and Jordan.

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